International Sweets

Mixed Sweets

These sweets are mouth watering and full of tasty surprize

Balaram Trifle

This is typical American style mouth watering dessert, which will melt in your mouth giving you cool heavenly taste. Made of vanilla/carob/red velvet cake, mixed fruits,fresh whip cream, natural scent water, Berries,sugar nuts and spices.

$ 8 Box

Gopal's Cream Horn

Crispy shell & filled with divine Soft sweet whip cream this will surprise you with different feelings - Fresh whip cream, sugar, vanilla extract, surprize spices, with hints of pistachios.

$3.50 Each

Butter Carob Cookie

These crispy & soft carob button cookies melts into your mouth, we can bet ya you can't stop after at one.

12 for $9

Gauranga Prem

This is our signature dish, made of Rice flour, Rice/Wheat vermicelli, sugar, honey, saffron, pure natural scent water, almonds and pistachio. We can serve in small clay pots for a $1 extra but we can also serve in 100 ml plastic container at no extra cost.

$4 each pot

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